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Your Netflix Account Is Not Safe • Mirror Daily

As of this January, Netflix is now available in almost every country in the world.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Symantec reports that your Netflix account is not safe and your password should be changed as soon as possible because your personal information could already be on the black market.

It seems that a Netflix account login information sells on the black market for a mere 25 cents. As opposed to the starting price of $7.99 that paying users are charged with.

The streaming service managed to take a considerable leap forward this January when it expanded its area of coverage in almost the whole world. Netflix is now available worldwide with very few exceptions.

But there are also downsides to the fact that the company spread its wings so wide. The black market is now fueled with Netflix accounts and login information. The data is obtained via phishing scams that target the login details of the user.

According to the official report of Symantec, internet hackers create a fake Netflix website that looks very official. Then they redirect users towards the website where they ask for the login information. When the users input them, the data goes to the virtual thieves.

It seems that countries like Denmark and Brazil present a particular interest when it comes to such deceptions. The login info is sold by the hackers on the black market. And since Netflix is now available worldwide, people would do anything to gain cheaper access to the streaming service.

But there is more to that than cheap Netflix access. If the login information is being sold for a mere 25 cents, it seems that the hackers go through a lot of trouble for very little money.

So it must be something else they are after. Virtual thieves are becoming more and more intelligent and they grab every opportunity they get because people have started growing weary.

With the new exploding demand for cheap Netflix access, they have created the means of meeting the demand. Thus, they sell very cheap login information that comes with a “bonus” malware that steals any banking information that you store or input into your computer.

Even if you are a paying Netflix customers, your Netflix account is not safe from people paying 25 cents to share your streaming privileges or hackers that are trying to make you install Banload into your computer in any way they can.

It seems that there is a whole virus campaign that is targeted at the streaming service. A number of Trojans are patiently waiting to be executed when a decoy Netflix home page is opened. Once inside the device, the install Banload, which is a program specially designed for scouring after banking information.

Your Netflix account is not safe and if you want to keep it and your computer safe and private you should consider changing your password more often.

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