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YouTube Adopts the Redirect Method to Fight Online Propaganda • Mirror Daily

The Redirect Method keep people away from watching propaganda videos

(Mirror Daily, United States) – YouTube is actively fighting against terrorism and extremism, and is constantly finding new ways to combat it. On Thursday, the platform announced a new method to take down online propaganda, which is also known as Redirect Method.

YouTube found a way to prevent people from watching propaganda videos. This way is inspired from the Redirect Method powered by Jigsaw. According to the keywords a person uses, the video streaming platform will counter extremism and terrorism by offering other kinds of suggestions.

The Redirect Method keeps people from viewing propaganda videos on YouTube

More precisely, if people search for videos displaying propaganda or extremist content, they will be redirected to something different. This method identifies the terrorism-related keywords and offers users other video suggestions. These suggestions include mainly anti-extremism videos which teach people not to fall the victims of propaganda.

The Redirect Method has been created by Google’s Jigsaw, together with Valens Global, Quantum Communications, and Moonshot CVE. Through it, companies are trying to understand how online propaganda works, and how extremists use technology to reach and recruit more people. Also, the Redirect Method is a means of persuading people to stay away from terrorism.

Companies withdrew their paid ads from YouTube due to extremist content on the platform

Online propaganda is an important issue, as it is the easiest way to bring recruits from all social categories. It has even reached YouTube and other important streaming platforms, which have already suffered in terms of profitability.

Many important companies chose to withdraw their ads after finding out some of them are displayed in videos with extremist content. This is only one of the reasons why companies stop investing in advertisements on the platform, but it’s probably the most prominent one. Among those which stopped collaborating with YouTube are L’Oreal, Marks and Spencer, or McDonald’s.
Image Source: Pixabay

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