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YouTube Promises More Revenue Tools with New 2-in-1 Subscription Service • Mirror Daily

You can finally give up ad blocks thanks to YouTube’s ads-free platform.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Judging from their latest blog post, YouTube promises more revenue tools with new 2-in-1 subscription service. The ads-free platform will be introduced on October 22 and it will cost users a monthly $10 fee.

If you’re like most YouTube users, you probably already tried all ad-blocking tools to get rid of the annoying commercials that appear every time you watch a music video. Your torture has finally come to an end as the company revealed on Saturday that they will offer content creators an ads-free version.

The new service will not be without conditions. The video sharing company has further informed that the new version will be available in exchange of a $10 fee, which users have to pay on a monthly basis.

There are several steps that content creators have to go through before they will finally be able to get access to the ads-free platform. According to YouTube’s official messages, interested customers have to log into their accounts and agree with the new terms that the company is offering.

YouTube has made the whole process as easy as possible. Users will be automatically guided through all the steps of the process, so they could easily agree with the new terms and pay for the first month of ads-free services.

YouTube expects many users to choose the new platform, in spite of the monthly fee they impose. There aren’t many options left for content creators, considering that the company is not willing to host their YouTube videos unless they agree with the new terms. In addition, they won’t be able to access current monetization services, the company has added.

In spite of the harsh conditions that YouTube is imposing, the company reassures users that the ads-free platform will bring benefits, too. The new versions is part of a bigger project that YouTube will gradually put into practice to give content creators more monetization options.

More news will be released as the official launching date approaches. Until then, don’t forget to agree with YouTube’s new conditions if you want to start using the ads-free platform.

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